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By Mendel Jacobson

You step in from the silence. The hum and buzz of a million voices talking at once engulfs you in a warm embrace. You have entered a whole new world, a world where the mouse has a pad and where there is always an enter and escape key: you have entered the chaotic universe of the web log, or, as its inhabitants like to call it—the Blog.

Bloggers run from one motherboard to the next; some may have a computer chip on their shoulder and others may have their wires crossed, but all of their fingertips tap dance across the keyboard like a Celtic fiddler’s. Opinions spew, ideas hatch and even the kitchen sink seems to be in here somewhere. Yes, in the world of the blog anybody can be king and anything can be gold.

The world wasn’t always like this: just a few short years ago the Web was controlled by the spiders and the flies were entangled in its complexity. If you were a programmer, an expert, you could make a difference; but if you were just a plain Joe who thought HTML was a disease, you were limited to being a unique visitor at best, or just another page-load at worst.

O, but today the flies have become spiders and webs are being spun with reckless abandon. The Blog has allowed for the seemingly insignificant minions to change the course of existence.

The High Holidays (the Hi-tech Holidays perhaps?) are approaching. Some might think one must be an expert, a programmer, a codifier, to have a relationship with G-d – after all, they might say, if one cannot speak the language, if one does not know the program, if the code is lost to this dull heart, how then can G-d relate to s/he and how can s/he relate to G-d?

But, as the King roams in the open expanses of the grassy fields with no drawbridge, rampart or hierarchy pulling rank, access is not limited to the learned, the saintly, or the angelic; anyone can touch the purity of the self and the purity of the Divine.

The language of soul everyone speaks, and the programming of sincerity everybody knows. The blogger within needs but a few plug-ins of inspiration and s/he is ready to hit the switch, to send electrical currents of spirituality shooting through the matrix of mundane existence, until truths flash across LCD screens – and in High Holiday Definition.

So blog this: the language, the program, the code is a help, not a hindrance; it’s a stepping-stool, not a stumbling block. If you are not a programmer, just blog it.

Mendel Jacobson is a writer, poet and journalist based in New York. He is currently working for the Yiddish-English weekly, The Algemeiner Journal.

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