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Oh, Those Lights!
The Fire-Hydrant
By Marc Lumer, Artist

"I found this fire hydrant during a photo shoot one Sunday afternoon a little over two years ago. I noticed that no one paid any attention to it. Since you see them on every street aorund the world, no one was going to look at this one and give it an extra thought. But perhaps it had allowed firefighters to save a young life just minutes ago -- or perhaps it would as soon as we left. Then I thought about water being compared to the Torah. The Torah is the life source, the refreshing, pure hydration of life. The Torah world-outlook sees every creation as a vital part in G-dís world. But how could this fire hydrant, lost in the middle of downtown L.A. on a hot Sunday afternoon, be a part of the same G-d I had spent a whole Shabbat with in prayer the day before? As I started squinting my eyes, I slowly saw the metal bolts. I started counting them. One, two, three. Later, in my home studio I created a huge canvas with markings of the Ten Sefirot, the Divine attributes of creation, making it the perfect illustration for "Does The World Exist?"

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