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How to Jew in Honolulu
By Shira Gold

If youíre not one of the ten-thousand lucky Jews that live in Hawaii, we know what youíre thinking: Where can I get a good kosher sandwich on G-dís little island of Ohau? Recently, Farbrengen Magazine sent its very own Shira Gold on a fact finding mission: Find out how to Jew in Honolulu? And this is the report she brought us back.

The ALA MOANA HOTEL is the obvious place to make your temporary home while you search for G-d on the island. The hotel is tightly fitted between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu and approximately 30 seconds after check-in became my favorite place in the world. Oh, yeah, Chabad of Hawaii is located on the 1st floor of the hotel. For reservations call (800) 367-6025.

DIAMOND HEAD SUMMIT Unless you live at the top of a volcanic cone that also serves as a State Monument, you may want to take your soul on a fifteen minute hike to the Diamond Head Summit. Youíll leave the 405 and its traffic behind, and your soul can sail beyond your mindís limitations as you walk the edge of the craterís rim. From here both the Pacific Ocean and the old city of Jerusalem can be seen in breathtaking detail. Or is that the city of Waikiki? Either way, at this spot I suggest meditating with your eyes open.

Hawaii may be famous for surfing or the hula, but to me, the only way to bring out the Honolulu Jew in you is by getting the Hawaii-Kipa. The Kipas are sold for $8 online at www.ChabadofHawaii.com. The Kipas are both reversible and washable, and best of all, they promise that no matter where on earth you wear the Kipa, it will be 77 degrees in Hawaii.

CHABAD OF HAWAII Located on 1st floor lobby of the Ala Moana Hotel. The Chabad synagogue is the spiritual home for many locals and, of course, the non-tanned travelers like me. We all agreed that our prayers had more color and feeling while surrounded by the wonders of nature. You can find a morning service at 7:00am, the afternoon service at 5:30pm daily. Weekend travelers wonít want to miss the Friday night dinner at Chabad. For reservations call
(808) 735-8161.

YUDIíS DELI (located at 2740 East Manoa Road) Honolulu is buzzing about a new kosher restaurant, so I had to taste it for myself. I looked at the menu and noticed the usual glatt-kosher deli sandwiches that I had expected to find along East Manoa Road. Two young Israelis rode up on bikes and suggested I try the knish. Thatís why I wrote home to tell my mother about the best knish youíll find for thousands of miles in any direction. www.oahukosher.com

(Shira Gold is a staff writer for Farbrengen Magazine, she lives in Los Angeles, CA) )s

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